Welcome Friends,

Amanda's Green Barn is a fun safe environment for both you and your horse. We provide great care in a professional manner with experienced employees and a great knowledge for horses. We will be sure to keep you and your horse smiling!
Our goal at Amanda's Green Barn is not to become a big show barn, but to provide a great learning environment for both horse and rider. Yes we do compete and strongly encorage others to do so, however our object is not to win. To compete at Amanda's Green Barn simply means having a great time with your best friends- both human and equine.

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Amanda's Green Barn is located at
5350 Oliver rd.
P.O Box 144
Kakabeka Falls ONT. Canada

A great day for a trail ride!Riding PTFun at pony camp!PT Cruiser and Amanda Kine at the 2010 Agriplex show. 2010 pony campers take a break with Mya.
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